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What People Are Saying:

" I found the Mandy U videos to be a great resource, covering basics - as well as lots of those areas of things you’ll often need to do, but wouldn’t know how without a nudge in the right direction. The clearly labelled concise videos split up into categories that make logically sense with a logical work flow; they’re easy to follow and Steve’s design experience allows him to guide you through each topic - thoroughly, yet to the point, with real world end goals in mind. Some welcomingly short, some with more depth and detail - but each covering the necessary details well. I look forward to following as they increase their library of videos, covering more topics I didn’t know before! " Dan Hill Cassius Creative - Liam Gallagher, Dua Lipa, Jess Glynn & Many More...

Dan Hill

This is a great online learning facility by Mandylights. I was quickly and easily able to find tutorials I wanted to look at and once watching the video, Steve was great at explaining everything quickly but thoroughly. The fact you can find all the different software tutorials you need in one place is great and I can’t wait for more content to be uploaded.

Jake Humphries

Learning by watching an industry professional sharing their knowledge has been priceless. I especially enjoy that the videos are split into useful categories with tutorials on a particular theme or function. This means you can either watch the whole lot to learn from scratch or select a quick tutorial to expand/refresh your knowledge on an aspect of the software. There is no longer the need to skip through long Youtube videos to gain the knowledge you are after.

Michael Straun